What is Divvy Homes?


Divvy Homes is a modern rent-to-own program (sometimes referred to as lease-to-own) that empowers renters to become homeowners. We founded Divvy with the mission to make homeownership, and all the power and security that comes with it, accessible to everyone. 

Approved customers can choose almost any home for sale (within Divvy home eligibility criteria), and Divvy will pay cash for the home. Customers are able to rent and lock in their dream home without a mortgage. Through a customized payment plan, Divvy helps customers save for their future down payment and build savings so they can buy the home when they’re ready. 

The customer is under no obligation to purchase the home and may choose to walk away from their lease and cash out their savings minus the 2% surrender fee and any outstanding rent fees or payments owed to Divvy. (Learn more about walking away from Divvy lease.)

Divvy is not a mortgage lender or an iBuyer. Customers do not have any ownership interest in the home until they buy it from Divvy.