What if I need to leave during the 3 year lease?

If you purchase your home at any point, the lease will end. If you do not buy the home, you are obligated to lease your home for the full term of the lease (three years). If you stop making payments, Divvy will consider the lease broken, and refund your accumulated equity credits minus 2% of the purchase price of the home and any outstanding fees and payments owed to Divvy (to help cover selling costs). Occasionally, Divvy may choose to assess a Shared Loss Deduction to the tenant to help allocate some of the downside of home price depreciation. 

Please reach out to the Divvy Homes Operations team (operations@divvyhomes.com) if you want to discuss this case further.

Disclaimer: This information is accurate as of January 27, 2019. For specific terms and conditions that apply to you, please reference your occupant proposal and signed lease.