Why was I declined?

To qualify for Divvy, we require all applicants to go through our underwriting process. We do this to make sure our customers will have the best experience with our program and successfully buy back their homes!

When approving applicants for Divvy, our main focus is ensuring our customers can afford their monthly payments. We never want to put someone in a home they can’t afford, or in a situation that could hurt them financially. Here are a few reasons why you might have been declined and some advice on next steps:

  • Your FICO score didn’t meet our requirements: We look for a minimum FICO score of 550, using Experian v2. Your score with other bureaus may look different, so keep that in mind. Most credit scores “update” every 30 days, so keep an eye on your situation. Divvy’s application automatically resets after 30 days, so we definitely invite you to reapply! You can find some tips on improving your credit score here.
  • Your monthly household income didn’t meet our requirements: We need to review your last 3 months, or more, of income. You may have just received a raise or got a new job, but unfortunately, we can’t look at future income when we underwrite you. Once you meet our minimum income requirements for 3 months, feel free to re-apply! 
  • We couldn’t approve you for the required minimum budget in your metro area: There is a required minimum monthly budget in each of our metro areas (you can find those here). If your current financial situation doesn’t allow us to approve you for the minimum budget, we can’t move you forward. If you’re able to include additional income in your application, or if your debt-to-income ratio improves, you might qualify!
  • Your background check didn’t meet our requirements: To be fully approved you need to pass a background check. We do look at these on a case-by-case basis, and also offer an appeal process if you disagree with our decision, or are able to provide more context. To submit an appeal, reply to our team including: 
      • A reference from their current landlord
      • A reference from their current employer
      • Any documentation detailing details of the conviction
      • Anything else that could help inform our decision, like details on the nature and severity of the crime or rehabilitation and reintegration to society since the conviction
  • You may have entered your Social Security Number incorrectly in the initial soft credit check.

If you’re declined, you can re-apply every 30 days. If your financial situation changes, we absolutely encourage you to re-apply!