What income documentation is required to be approved for Divvy Homes?

Divvy needs to verify your income in order to give you a budget so you can begin shopping for a home. We require documentation showing your income for at least the last 3 months.


Salary/Hourly Pay: 

  1. Pay stubs from the most recent 3 months (must be within 30 days)
  2. Previous year's W-2

Independent Contractor: 

  1. Most recent 3 months pay stubs or pay invoices with a year to date (must be within 30 days)
  2.  We will also accept 3 months of most recent pay stub/invoices or bank statements 



  1. 3 most recent months of bank statements
  2. Proof of Business Ownership. This can be a document from the Secretary of State, a recent tax return, or any official document that shows both your name and the name of your registered business

Child Support: 

  1. Child support ledger from the state with 3 recent months of proof of payment
  2. We will also accept court order document & 3 most recent months proof of payment



  1. Court order documents 
  2. 3 most recent months proof of payment

SSI or VA Benefits: 

  1. Most recent Benefits Letter (dated within 1 year), Year end SSA-1099, or Year end 1099-R

New Job within the last 3 months:

  1. Last pay stub from previous job
  2. Most recent pay stub from current job

On each document, ensure that your name, employer name, pay dates, and amounts are clear and legible.

If you are having difficulty understanding what documents are required, please contact our Customer Support Specialists at support@divvyhomes.com.