Who can qualify for Divvy Homes?

When evaluating applicants, Divvy Homes uses the following criteria:

  • Minimum FICO2, FICO9, and Vantage4 scores of 550

  • 3 months of stable employment with a minimum of $2,500 in monthly income (may vary per metro)

  • Customers can add multiple income sources including self-employment, though self-employed income can take a little longer to verify

  • A maximum monthly debt-to-income ratio of up to 50% including a potential Divvy Homes payment

  • No evictions in the previous year

  • No bankruptcy in the past year(s) (must be 1 year  and one day out or more from discharge date depending on FICO2 score)

In addition to the criteria above, Divvy Homes also evaluates the following:


  • Debt-to-Income Ratio: Divvy has a maximum DTI of 50% for all clients. If your client surpasses this, we can expect their finalized budget will not qualify them for their metro minimum.

  • Credit Report: Divvy Homes looks beyond just an applicant’s FICO score when assessing an application. Factors similar to recent delinquencies, the types of loans recently delinquent, and the number of successful loans in an applicant’s credit history are used when assessing an application.

  • Criminal Background Check: To qualify for Divvy Homes an applicant must pass a criminal background check. Depending on the type of felony a customer with a prior felony may still qualify for Divvy Homes. The company evaluates the recency and severity of convictions when reviewing an applicant’s criminal record. Divvy Homes does not have a “no prior felonies” policy for applicants.

  • Court Records: In addition to no evictions in the previous year, Divvy Homes looks at the number of recent attempted evictions as part of its application review. If there is an attempted eviction in the past year an applicant would not qualify.