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  2. How does Divvy Rentals work?

What is a Divvy Rental?

Occasionally, Divvy-owned homes become vacant and are available to be re-allocated to another customer that wants to rent the home from Divvy. 


What are the benefits of choosing a Divvy Rental?

  • Single family home that has already been evaluated by Divvy and meets our standards
  • Home may have features that many other rentals may not include such as: fenced yards, pools, and ample square footage
  • Support - Maintenance, online payment and customer support that not all landlords offer
  • Fast move-in - home is already vacant, so no need to wait for current tenant to vacate, can move-in between 7-14 days*
  • Online application and self-serve touring process 
  • For real estate agents - Agents receive $500 for each Divvy Rental referral that successfully enters into a lease with Divvy and moves in. 

How do I qualify for a Divvy Rental?

You must apply and meet the same qualifications for the Divvy rent to own program listed here.

How do I find Divvy Rentals?

Head to Rental Applications | Divvy to view homes and apply today. There is no application fee and the soft credit check performed will not impact your credit. 


*Subject to change