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What is a “Divvy-Ready” Home? 

A “Divvy-Ready” home is a home that is already owned by Divvy and is vacant and available for a rent-to-own customer to move into.

Since these homes were originally purchased by us for use by another Divvy customer, we call these properties “Divvy-Ready.”

Occasionally, Divvy-owned homes become vacant and are available to be re-allocated to another customer participating in the Divvy to rent-to-own program.

What are the benefits of choosing a “Divvy-Ready” home? 

  • Exclusive, off-market inventory available for rent-to-own only to Divvy applicants - not for sale on MLS
  • Move-in ready condition
  • Fast move-in, customers can move in between 1 and 30 days*
  • No competitive bidding process, the first customer to tour, then initiate an offer at the price listed on our website, gets the home 
  • No chance of inspection failure, all homes have already passed Divvy's home evaluation process**
  • No closing process to navigate
  • Guaranteed move-in date, once set, no risk of seller or title delays
  • Easy Commission for real estate agents - guaranteed commission of 2% of the listing price, with no paperwork on the agent’s end involved

How do I qualify for a “Divvy-Ready” home?

You must meet the qualifications for the Divvy rent-to-own program listed here

How do I find a “Divvy-Ready” home?

They can be identified on the Divvy home search page by the green “Move in Ready” or “Coming Soon” banner

*Winterized homes can take 2 business days or more to de-winterize (e.g. turn water on) before the home is ready for move-in

**The property still may be subject to an occupancy inspection, as required by the local rules and/or HOA, as applicable