What will my Divvy journey look like start to finish?

Below is a breakdown of the approval process with Divvy start to finish:

1. Apply online and submit to a credit check to see if your credit is eligible.

2. If so, provide us background check permission, photo ID, proof of income, and proof of down payment.

3. Wait 24-48 hours for approval. We'll get in touch if we need additional documentation.

4. If approved, you'll receive a confirmation email including your monthly budget and home budget range.

5. Go home shopping with your agent - remember to keep savings while you shop!

6. Once you find a home you love that qualifies for the Divvy program, Divvy will make an offer.

7. If the offer is accepted, we will pay for and perform all the closing requirements. Don't worry, we will keep you in the loop the whole time because you are our partner in buying this home!

8. If the house passes inspection, you will pay your 1% - 2% down payment, prorated rent and move in!

9. When you are ready to buy the home back from us, let us know!