What are equity credits and how do they work?

Think of equity credits like your home savings account. You start out with at least 2% equity credits, and build toward 5% or 10% equity credits over your three-year lease.

You can convert equity credits into a down payment at any time. If you’ve built 4% equity credits, that means you would have a 4% down payment. If you choose not to buy the home and your three-year lease ends, Divvy will sell the home, and refund your accumulated equity credits minus 2% of the purchase price the home and any outstanding fees and payments owed to Divvy  (to help cover selling costs). Occasionally, Divvy may choose to assess a Shared Loss Deduction to the tenant to help allocate some of the downside of home price depreciation. 


Disclaimer: This information is accurate as of January 27, 2019. For specific terms and conditions that apply to you, please reference your occupant proposal and signed lease.