How does the Home Quality Evaluation & Due Diligence process work with Divvy?

Divvy’s home evaluation process, known as the Home Quality Evaluation, is a critical part of the home purchase process to make sure that the home has been well cared for and is ready for occupancy.


The Home Quality Evaluation covers all the major home systems and health and safety items that a typical home inspection covers, but takes it a step further to identify and estimate the cost for repairs needed.


We only use our own Divvy team members and trusted third-party vendor partners to perform the Home Quality Evaluation. For the purchase of the home, Divvy will not consider or reimburse for any other inspections, whole-home inspection or otherwise, that are not scheduled or pre-approved by Divvy.


We strongly encourage our customers to attend the Home Quality Evaluation - at the end of the appointment! This will allow the customer to take a walk through their new home and meet the person performing the Home Quality Evaluation. (Learn why it’s important.)


Please refer to our Due Diligence and Home Quality Evaluation Overview to learn the specific details about what we look for and how the process works. You can also reach out to our team by emailing with questions!