How do I help my customer make an offer through Divvy?

How does Divvy actually purchase the home?

  1. You initiate the offer in your Divvy Agent mobile app (for iPhone and Android) or Agent Portal.
  2. Divvy will review the home and conduct our valuation.
  3. Divvy will then reach out by phone to discuss the offer and settle on a price.
  4. Divvy asks the customer for two things immediately following the offer initiation phone call. The following will be linked in an email to the customer to be completed in their Divvy Portal:
    1. Sign the Occupancy Proposal, stating that they are in agreement with the purchase price and associated payments.
    2. Pay a $500 offer initiation payment deposit prior to Divvy making the first offer.
  5. Divvy will then be able to sign the purchase agreement, share it with you, and you may then forward it to the seller/listing agent.
  6. You keep in touch with the seller/listing agent and inform us if it is accepted, rejected, or countered.

Below you will find an in-depth description of each step of the offer process for you and the customer through Divvy. 

Step 1: Budget Confirmation

  • Visit your Divvy Agent Portal and use the calculator to determine whether the home fits into the customer’s monthly budget prior to showing the home to them.
  • Check out this video to learn how to use our Agent Calculator.

Step 2: Call the Customer

  • Speak with the customer regarding these items:

Monthly Payments 

  1. Are they comfortable with the monthly payment provided by the Divvy calculator? 
  2. Are they comfortable with increasing the initial payment or would they like to stay at their planned level?


Payments Due Before Closing

  1. Does the customer understand that once Divvy’s offer is accepted, the customer’s initial savings contribution (1-2% of the purchase price) is due? 
  2. Does the customer understand that any applicable rent payments must be cleared (not just initiated) prior to Divvy closing on the property? 

Step 3: Visit The Home

  • If the home fits within the customer budget, visit the home with them and see whether they want Divvy to move forward with an offer or not.

Step 4: Call the Listing Agent

  • Speak with Listing Agent regarding these items:

    • All Available Property Disclosures
      1. LBP (only if built before 1978), CAD, & SPD
    • Age of Major Home Systems/Items
      1. Roof (Less than 18 years)
      2. HVAC (Less than 18 years)
      3. Furnace (Less than 18 years)
Information Regarding Offer & Competition:
  1. How many other offers are on the home?
    1. Range of Offer Prices
  2. What is the seller looking for in regards to terms
    1. Inspection Period (DD)
    2. Closing Date
    3. Closing Attorney

  1. Home Eligibility
    1. Is the home in an HOA?
    2. If so, are there rental restrictions?

Step 5: Initiate the Offer

  • After completing all items above, then initiate the offer through your Divvy Portal (Divvy Portal > Deals > Initiate Offer)

Step 6: Occupant Proposal/ Deposit

  • Once we have determined an offer price, we will need these items completed by the customer:
    1. Occupant Proposal (OP): The lease agreement specifying the rent, the initial savings contribution, Divvy's offer price, the customer’s option prices and other important information.
    2. $500 offer deposit - This payment is required before Divvy is able to draft or sign any offers; this is NOT the earnest money Divvy will pay the seller.
      1. If an offer is accepted: This offer deposit is applied to the customer’s initial savings contribution
      2. If the offer is declined:
        1. The customer can apply it to the next offer.
        2. Or request a full refund at

Step 7: Drafting the Offer

  • After the customer has signed the Occupant Proposal and paid the $500 offer initiation payment, we will then sign/draft the offer. (Learn more about how to prepare a purchase with Divvy.)
    1. GA, FL, TX, AZ, MN, TN
      1. Divvy will prepare the offer and send it over to you to review. Please make any changes necessary.
      2. You send the signed contract to the Listing Agent/Seller.
      3. Buyer Brokerage Agreements will be sent along with offers.

    2. CO, MO, OH
      1. Please prepare the offer and send it to Divvy at to review/sign.
      2. You send the signed contract to the Listing Agent/Seller.

Step 8: Send Updates

  • Once the offer has been sent to the Listing Agent/Seller, please reach out to or (833) 600 0096 with any updates or questions
    regarding the offer.

Step 9: Send Bound Contract

  • If the offer is accepted, please send the contract to ASAP.
  • If we receive a contract more than 24 hours after the bound date, we will need to
    request a due diligence period extension.
  • Please send the executed, binding purchase agreement to We will open escrow and alert our Home Evaluations team.

Step 10: Schedule Home Evaluation

  • The Closings and Evaluations teams will reach out to you in order to set up a date for the Divvy Home Quality Evaluation and open escrow with our closing attorney.
  • Once your evaluation is scheduled, please share the home access information with your assigned evaluator as soon as possible. Also:
    • Confirm that all utilities are turned ON.
    • Confirm if home is vacant/occupied
    • Confirm access method and instructions (E.g., keycode, lockbox, etc.)
  • Divvy conducts its own home quality evaluations and will take care of this process for you. Please do not enlist an independent home inspector as we will not utilize their report for the transaction, and we will not cover the cost of their services.

Step 11: Send Wire Instructions

  • If we are using a title company that is not a Divvy partner, please request the wire instructions from Title and send wire instructions to
  • If the Listing Agent/Seller requests an Earnest Money Receipt, please contact the escrow offer at the title company directly.

Please note that all interactions after an offer is accepted will go through