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What is the Divvy Widget?

The Divvy Widget is an embeddable form that your clients can use to sign up for the Divvy Homes program directly on your website. It can be added to your existing website simply by copy and pasting some HTML code.

Example of a client signing up for Divvy in the Divvy Widget directly from your website and beginning the application:



How do I add the Divvy Widget to my website?

  1. Go to the Invite page of your Divvy agent portal. Scroll down to the section called “Add a Divvy signup form to your website”
  2. Click the Copy code button to automatically copy your unique HTML code to your clipboard
  3. Open your own website management system. For example, Agent Smith above would go to Wix and login to make edits to their website. Once you get there take the following steps:
    1. Locate where you’d like to add the Divvy Widget on your website page.
    2. Paste the HTML code that was copied to your clipboard into your website code.
  4. Publish to your website



What happens once it’s installed?

Once the Divvy Widget is added to your website, your clients can sign up directly for the Divvy program with just their name and email. Then they’ll finish their application on Divvyhomes.com and get pre-qualified in minutes. When they sign up, they’ll be automatically assigned to you and appear in your agent portal.


For help or questions about the Divvy Widget, please contact partners@divvyhomes.com