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What if the home has not appreciated to the customer's purchase price?

The customer is not under any obligation to buy the home. If the customer decides to purchase the home and their mortgage lender appraises the value of the home for less than the current applicable purchase price (which is non-negotiable), they have the following options:

  1. Submit the appraisal report to Divvy at operations@divvyhomes.com for review and allow Divvy to provide additional comps (if available) to contest the results.
  2. Contribute to the difference in price at closing.
  3. Seek a second appraisal opinion and/or seek alternate mortgage financing.
  4. Postpone the purchase process, which may allow the home to further appreciate.*

*Disclaimer: This is solely intended for informational purposes. Home values and appreciation are dependent on many factors, including, but not limited to, buyer demand, interest rates, and local market factors. Divvy neither warrants nor guarantees  that a home’s value will appreciate. A customer’s ability to postpone the purchase process is subject to Divvy’s policies on lease and option to purchase renewals.