What happens if a client requests to work with a different agent?

We take agent reassignments seriously and only do this when we get a request from a client. We understand getting into a forever home is a personal decision, and sometimes the agent/client relationship just isn't working out.

Occasionally a Divvy customer may contact us requesting to work with a different agent. 

We understand that agents work hard for their referred clients and will make every effort to avoid making a change. 


Finding a forever home is a deeply personal decision. We encourage close communication between agents and their clients throughout the process, but acknowledge that sometimes the relationship just isn’t working out. If needed, , and Divvy will facilitate an update if needed. 


We will only do so at the request of a client, and will never process a change after an offer has been initiated. Both parties will be informed promptly of any updates. Changes can be requested by agents or their clients by emailing our support team at partners@divvyhomes.com.