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  2. What is the inspection process for a Divvy Home?

What Does Divvy NOT Cover as part of the Divvy Home Quality Evaluation process and during the lease?

 Divvy does not cover minor home repairs, including:
  • Appliances - Divvy is not responsible for the repair or replacement of kitchen and laundry appliances.
  • Interior Cosmetics - Including, but not limited to, interior painting and finishes, carpet cleaning and flooring replacement, fence installations.
  • General Landscaping Improvements - Including, but not limited to, fence installations, irrigation, landscape maintenance, or tree trimming/removal.
  • Pool / Spa Improvements - Including inspection scheduling or coordination as well as addressing concerns from the inspection. 

Minor home repairs and cosmetic improvements are the responsibility of the future homebuyer. For this reason, Divvy does not evaluate these items during the Divvy Home Quality Evaluation.

Divvy prioritizes addressing the repairs that immediately impact the home’s safety, structure, or livability. We recommend that you select the home that you would be happy to move into tomorrow from an aesthetic standpoint.