What company does Divvy use for Closing (title, escrow, etc.)?

Divvy is proud to announce that we have partnered with both national and local operating title companies in our current markets to further support our agents on the ground in hopes of providing an elevated closing experience.

Please note that Divvy will pay for the settlement fee, title search and owners policy in order to use one of our Preferred Title Companies.


Who are the preferred title partners?

The Divvy preferred title partner information sheet can be found here.


How does the title process work with Divvy?

Divvy will automatically select the local Preferred Title Company we've partnered with in your market. Once the purchase agreement is executed, Divvy will submit your title order simultaneously.


  • Follow the instructions from How to write a Purchase Agreement

  • Divvy will open title escrow within 24 hours of offer acceptance

  • Earnest money receipt will be issued to you from title partners within 3 business days of offer acceptance

  • Closing status update will be provided to you throughout the transaction correspondingly


Why use a Divvy preferred title partner?

Preferred title partners are very familiar with our closing process and can provide a quick title turnaround time with Divvy’s legal documents fully examined. In addition, you will work with dedicated escrow officers for all your closings!


Can Divvy accommodate outside title companies?

Exceptions to work with outside title companies may be requested for new builds. When using outside title companies, Divvy will not pay for the settlement fee, title search or owners policy.


What If I have additional questions?

Please reach out to the closing team at operations@divvyhomes.com. As always, we’d be happy to assist!