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  2. What is the inspection process for a Divvy Home?

Why is the Divvy Home Quality Evaluation important?

Divvy is currently only buying Divvy Ready homes from Divvy’s preset inventory list. All of these homes have been vetted with the below criteria

This is our opportunity to identify quality concerns, perform additional follow up evaluations, if needed, and understand the repairs that the home may require, which can then be negotiated upon.

Our trusted and experienced Divvy team members and third-party vendor partners are trained to identify and understand deficiencies and recommend repairs of home systems, which can include: 

  • home safety
  • heating & cooling, 
  • structural, 
  • electrical, 
  • plumbing,
  • roofs,
  • and general home condition


After the Divvy Home Quality Evaluation is performed, Divvy will review the results with you, and assuming there are no issues, we will move towards closing. 


Divvy reserves the right to cancel the purchase contract at any time. Reasons why we would cancel the purchase contract after an evaluation, include but are not limited to: structural concerns, major system issues, termites, mold, excessive deferred maintenance, compliance issues, and/or any other home issues which we deem, in our sole discretion, as impediments to purchasing the home. We want to ensure we purchase a quality home for you to purchase, when the time comes.


At the time of signing your lease and option agreement, Divvy does not perform a Divvy Home Quality Evaluation if the home is already owned by Divvy. Divvy will provide you with the original Divvy Home Quality Evaluation report at your request.