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  2. What is the inspection process for a Divvy Home?

What happens if major repairs or concerns are identified during the Divvy Home Quality Evaluation?

Divvy is currently only buying Divvy Ready homes from Divvy’s preset inventory list. All of these homes have been vetted with the below criteria

Divvy will not purchase a home that has major repairs that impact safety, structure, or livability issues that cannot be repaired prior to move-in, and post-evaluation, we may decide to terminate our offer and not close on a home. If we identify such concerns, Divvy will take the following steps:

  • Terminate the offer if the concern identified is deemed to be irreparable 
    • Depending on the concern, we may request a secondary inspection by an industry-expert
  • If the concern is deemed to be repairable, but high cost, we may terminate depending on seller’s willingness to cover the cost of repair