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  2. What is the inspection process for a Divvy Home?

What happens during the due diligence process following the Divvy Home Quality Evaluation?

If safety, structural, or livability concerns are identified during the process and need an industry-specific inspection, Divvy will coordinate a secondary inspection with your agent. All secondary inspections will be completed within the due diligence timeline and will halt negotiations until the inspection report is completed by the third-party vendor. 

Evaluation repair responsibilities will be sent to you and your agent via email once the due diligence period has been completed. This list includes the complete set of repairs noted from the Divvy Home Quality Evaluation and are broken out between the “Home Buyer Responsibility List” and the “Home Evaluation Repair List”. 

  • The “Home Buyer Responsibility List” includes cosmetic and non-critical items. These are at your discretion to address in the future if you choose, but you are not required to do anything. Divvy will not address these as part of home maintenance over the course of your lease, they are taken as-is.
  • The “Home Evaluation Repair List” includes safety-related or critical defects that Divvy Maintenance will arrange to be repaired, typically, within three (3) weeks after start of lease. Aging (but operational) equipment (e.g. furnace, air-conditioning, roof, water heater, etc), will be maintained/serviced over the course of your lease unless the item requires replacement.