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How much does the Divvy Homes program cost?

The Divvy application is free and takes just minutes to complete.


The Divvy application is free and takes just minutes to complete. 

Once you apply, get approved, and find a home, you’ll pay a one-time initial savings contribution (which includes the initial $500 earnest deposit) along with a monthly payment to live in the home while you save up to buy.

Our program has two unique payments you’ll need to be aware of:

  1. An initial Divvy Savings contribution (usually 1-2% of the purchase price of the home)
  2. Your monthly payment, which includes rent (~75% to 100% of the payment) and your savings (0 to ~25% of the payment; depending on the savings option chosen), that you may use toward your future down payment when you’re ready to buy your home. 

Because your monthly payment is based on rent for a specific home, you might find that two properties listed at the same price will have different monthly payments. 

That’s because homes in some areas and those with unique features may have higher taxes, HOA fees, other assessments, and ongoing maintenance costs that translate to a higher monthly rent than homes in other areas.

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*Subject to lender rules and regulations, where applicable. Lenders have different rules regarding how much of your Divvy Savings can be applied to your down payment and how much can be applied to cover your closing costs. Please discuss these requirements with your lender to ensure you have adequate funds to close.