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  2. How does the Divvy program work?

How does Divvy compare to renting?

Divvy is a lease, but unlike a normal lease, Divvy is designed to help you get closer to homeownership with every lease payment. The way we work is:

(1) You pick out a home that's available for sale
(2) Divvy purchases it for you
(3) You put 2% down at closing and Divvy covers the rest
(4) You make one monthly payment, part rent and part home savings
(5) You buy the home back anytime over the 3 year lease. If you don't want to buy the home, no problem -- we will cash you out for your home savings

If you are ready to stay in one spot for a while, and you take pride in taking care of your home, Divvy may be a good option for you.