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How does Divvy compare to renting?

Unlike traditional renting, Divvy offers a pathway to homeownership by letting you choose almost any home listed for sale and rent it from us while you save up to buy.

With Divvy, you get all the flexibility of renting, while also moving closer to homeownership! 

There are some important differences between Divvy and renting you should know before getting started.

  • A portion of your monthly rent payment goes directly towards home savings—money you can use towards your future down payment on the home
  • We’ll buy almost any home on the market, so you get to live in your your dream home from day one
  • Divvy will cover all major repairs and maintenance during your lease, and unlike a rental, you have the option to customize your home to meet your needs.
  • With Divvy, if you don’t love your home, you can walk away and cash out your home savings. 

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