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How is the Divvy home’s purchase option price set?

Before signing a lease with Divvy, we let customers know exactly how much they can expect to pay in rent as well as the purchase price of the home for each of the upcoming 3 years (given they’re eligible).


We determine the annual purchase price of the home (also known as the Option Price) based on our forecast of the home’s appreciated value. This price is typically 2.5% to 7.5% higher than Divvy’s purchase price on an annual basis within the first 3 years, and then broadens to 0% to 10% higher on an annual basis after 3 years. 


Check out our search page to see the purchase option prices associated with any specific address.


* Depending on the customer's lender and/or anticipated loan type, the lender and/or loan requirements (for example, FHA, VA and other government-backed loans) may require the customer to live in the home for three to six months before closing on the purchase of the home.