How do Seller Credits work?

Once the offer has been accepted, Divvy will conduct our own evaluation of the property. We highly encourage you to attend!

Within one business day of evaluation completion, you and the customer will receive a copy of the Home Evaluation Report and a summary of repairs. If there are repair requests, Divvy will ask you to negotiate seller credits.


The Seller has three options to respond to the repair requests:

  • Complete the repairs themselves, prior to closing.

  • Provide a credit at closing for the estimated cost for Divvy to complete the repairs.

  • Refuse the repairs.

Depending on the number and nature of the repairs, the Seller may

respond with a counter-offer or combination of both repairs and credits.

During this negotiation, Divvy will help prioritize the repairs that are

most important to livability and home value. If the Seller does not

agree to repair or provide credit for critical repairs, the purchase

agreement may be terminated by Divvy during Due Diligence.