What payments do I need to complete prior to closing with Divvy?

Earnest deposit, initial payment, and one full monthly payment

Payment Type


Due Date

Offer Deposit


(credited to initial payment)

Before offer is extended 

Initial Payment

Typically 1-2% of offer price**

5 calendar days after offer accepted 

One full monthly payment


7 days before closing 


Prior to closing, you will need to:
- pay your offer deposit before the offer is extended

- make the initial payment 5 calendar days after the offer is accepted

- pay one full monthly rent payment (including any savings contribution) 7 days before the scheduled closing date.

If paying via ACH, payments can take up to 7 days to clear. Please ensure all ACH payments are submitted well in advance of the payment due date.  It is your responsibility to ensure your bank accounts and credit cards have sufficient funds and/or credit limits to accommodate the payments before the due dates. Divvy will not close on the home if all payments have not cleared before the scheduled close date.


* Please Note: This $500 Offer Deposit will go towards and be factored into your initial payment when the offer is accepted. If you cancel your application with Divvy before the due diligence period under the applicable purchase agreement has expired, the Offer Deposit will be refunded to you. In all other events, the Offer Deposit will not be refunded to you.    

**With new construction we will ask for the entire deposit that the new construction builder requires before the offer is accepted (typically ranges $1,000 - $10,000).