What is PayNow?

PayNow gives residents the ability to submit a one time payment.

Unlike SplitPay, PayNow requires residents to resolve the full balance with one payment method.


What payment methods can be used on PayNow?

From the 1st through the 7th of every month, residents can use ACH, Debit or Credit Card for PayNow.

After the 7th, residents can only use Debit or Credit Card for PayNow.


How do I find PayNow in the resident portal?



If a resident has AutoPay enabled, but uses PayNow - does AutoPay still process?

No. Anytime you make a payment toward your rental balance using PayNow or SplitPay – AutoPay will NOT process for that month.

AutoPay will pick back up as normal the following month.


What processing fees are required for certain payment methods?

ACH does NOT incur an additional processing fee.

Debit and Credit Cards incur a 1.85% processing fee + a $0.30 Stripe fee.