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  3. How do I get ready to purchase my Divvy home?

What if I want to buy my Divvy home, but don’t have a lender yet?

Our preferred lender is here to help with your lending needs! Click here to set up some time with the team to learn more. 

If purchasing your home is more than a few months away, our in-house mortgage team will create a custom plan to get you there. Click here to set up time.

Divvy also offers free credit counseling with Mortgage Readiness Counselors at Navicore Solutions to all our current customers. To arrange an appointment, you can reach them at divvy@navicoresolutions.org .

Based on your FICO* score and savings, Navicore can advise you on other lender considerations, as well as available programs such as down payment assistance

*Be aware that not all FICO scores are calculated the same way—we use Experian as our credit bureau. Your score through your credit card company or third-party service could appear differently. Our credit requirements are also subject to change at any time.