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  3. What are the lender and title company requirements when purchasing the home from Divvy??

Which closing costs does Divvy cover?

Divvy will cover the following the closing costs: 

  • deed preparation 
  • Title/escrow/closing fee* (ONLY if you choose to close with Divvy Title** as the title company)***
  • recording fee
  • transfer tax (excludes intangible tax) 

Divvy does NOT contribute to: 

  • Any additional title or mortgage-related closing costs not listed above
  • agent commissions or brokerage fees


* This fee, sometimes referred to as a title fee, escrow fee or closing fee is the fee paid to the title company or escrow company, as applicable, for conducting the closing of the transaction.

** Divvy Title is an affiliate business of Divvy Homes Inc.

***You may choose any title company, and you have no obligation to use Divvy Title. If you choose to use a title company other than Divvy Title, Divvy will not cover the title/escrow/closing fee.