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  2. How does home maintenance with Divvy Homes work?

Who is responsible for maintenance in a Divvy Home?

Divvy covers the cost of maintenance or repairs required to ensure the home is safe and habitable - for example, roofing, foundation, major electrical and plumbing systems, etc. As the tenant, you are responsible for identifying these issues that may arise, and coordinating with a Divvy-assigned vendor to complete such repairs.

Divvy does not cover the repair, maintenance or replacement of any appliances or any other cosmetic repairs, including but not limited to painting, carpeting, or, landscaping.

We also will not pay for any repairs or replacement required as a result of any intentional or negligent damage, destruction, or misuse of the home by you, your guests or your visitors.

You can reach out to Divvy directly in the event of any time-sensitive or critical maintenance issues (for example, an active leak or faulty electrical and you should immediately contact your local utility provider in the event of a dangerous or harmful issues (for example, a gas leak or downed power lines).