How do I use Rental Assistance for rent payments?

Divvy understands that residents may go through temporary hardship. We partner with third party agencies and organizations to help renters who may be having trouble paying rent.

While Divvy does not provide rental assistance to directly to residents, we’re able to approve your use of rental assistance with some third party agencies.


Can I work with any agency for Rental Assistance?

No. Not every Rental Assistance agency is eligible to work with Divvy.


Why can’t Divvy work with certain Rental Assistance agencies?

Eligibility is determined based on, but not limited to, factors such as the amount of funds currently owed to Divvy, ability to work with equity build leases, terms within the landlord agreement, turnaround time for payment, and other payment stipulations. Divvy reserves the right to terminate an agency's eligibility at any time.


How do I find out if a particular Rental Assistance agency is eligible to work with Divvy?

All rental assistance agencies must be approved by a member of the payments team prior to sending over the necessary documentation to complete the application. Any inquiries regarding rental assistance must be directed to  

Please use the following template when reaching out about rental assistance:

Rental Assistance Template
Name of the Agency
Website Link 
Caseworker Information
Your Property Address

Please note that we will need to approve all agencies before proceeding with Our portion of the application process. If the agency's terms do not align with our internal policies we will not move forward with the application.