How do I know when my rent is due and what the consequences are if it is late?

How do I know when my rent is due and if it is late?

All residents will have a rent payment status card at the top of their resident portal, starting on the 25th of the previous month.

When is my monthly balance due?

Your monthly balance is due by the 7th of each month.

For residents not on AutoPay, we will send you a final reminder on the 7th that it’s the last day to pay before being charged the 5% late fee.

When you still have not resolved your balance and it is the 8th of the month, we will show you a new card that communicates the late fee.

How are late fees calculated?

Late fees are 5% of your base rent amount, not including your equity savings.

Can I request to waive a late fee?

Yes. Starting April 1, all residents will be permitted to waive one late fee per year. To request this, send an email to


Starting on the 21st of the month, Divvy starts preparing to file eviction for residents who still have not resolved their monthly payment.

If you are on AutoPay -->

There are 4 different statuses:

Scheduled → This means that AutoPay is activated and scheduled to be charged for the next month, but you have not yet reached your scheduled date when processing will begin. Here’s what your card will look like. We will also send you an associated SMS reminder prior to the start of the month so that you can make any necessary changes.

Processing → An autopayment starts processing on the scheduled date. Once you reach the scheduled date, your status will update to ‘Processing,’ and it will take between 3-5 days to know if your payment was successful. Here’s what your card will look like:

Successful → If your autopayment processed successfully, you will see this on your portal card, as well as receive an SMS text.

Failed → If your autopayment fails, you will also be notified via the card and an associated SMS message. Learn more about failures here.