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What are equity credits and how do they work?

How we help your customer build a down payment

You can think of equity credits like an account used to save up for a home. Equity credits are savings toward the customer's future down payment.


Every Divvy customer starts out contributing a 1-2% down payment due at signing. This is their initial savings contribution. Then, each month they have a monthly payment to Divvy, which includes two components: rent and savings. With each monthly payment the savings component helps them build to 5-10% in savings toward the purchase of the home over the 3-year lease. Percentages vary in relation to the FICO score of the applicant.


Below are the savings plans available to Divvy clients based on their FICO scores:

FICO 650 +

2% Down, 2% Build

FICO 650 +

1% Down, 5% Build

FICO 600 +

2% Down, 5% Build

FICO 550 +

2% Down, 10% Build

The equity savings can be converted into a down payment for a mortgage at any time. For example, if the customer has built 4% in savings through equity credits, this equates to a 4% down payment.