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How long does the purchase process take?

Buying a home is often quite competitive, which is why we strive to turn around every offer as quickly as possible.

From the time your agent submits a request for an offer, we aim to turn around the next steps inside of a few hours. As soon as we have your consent on our offer price, we'll sign the offer documents for your agent to extend to the seller. From there, we expect to receive an indication of interest from a seller between 24-48 hours. Sometimes a negotiation follows, but ideally we have a firm decision within 48-72 hours.

Once your offer is accepted, the property will go into a due diligence period, where Divvy conducts a home inspection which can take 3-6 days including scheduling. If the home passes inspection, the remainder of the home closing process (title review, submitting your down payment, reviewing and signing your lease) will usually take 7-10 days.