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  2. How does the purchase process work?

How do I request an offer?

Once you are fully-approved, you can start shopping with an agent for your future home. After you visit the home, and confirm your monthly payments work within your approved budget, your agent can submit a "Request for offer" to Divvy through the Divvy Agent Portal.

Next, our team will quickly field the request and ask some essential questions, including: home eligibility, valuation, customer budget, and bidding strategy.

Assuming everything checks out, we'll then reach out to you with a pair of next steps:

1) A proposal -- breaking down payments and your commitment to Divvy, and
2) A deposit request -- towards your down-payment (typically <$500). These two steps must be completed prior to Divvy being able to sign and extend the offer on the property.

From there, Divvy will sign the offer document and your agent will extend it to the seller. We will consider counter offers and work diligently to close the deal on your future home. If you have questions during this process, feel free to reach out to us at applications@divvyhomes.com