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  3. How do I get ready to purchase my Divvy home?

I see two different purchase prices in my lease. When do I need to let Divvy know I want to buy the home for each of those timelines?

In our three-year lease, you have two option purchase prices available:


  • 18-month price (Early Option): In order to qualify for the 18-month price, you must complete the purchase of the home (close your mortgage loan) prior to the start of the 18th month of the lease.
  • 36-month price (Standard Option): In order to purchase the home at the 36-month price, you need to submit a pre-approval letter and a signed borrower’s authorization form to notify Divvy of your intent to purchase between the 18th month of your lease and before the end of the 35th month.
  • Keep in mind that closing is always subject to delays, so allow for at least a 90-120 day lead time before the end of your early option or the end of your lease to ensure you have enough time to close.